Stress and How to Deal With it!

Stress is part of life. If you don't deal with it well, stress will make you sick and hurt your relationships. Here's a list of some things that might stress you out. Check the things that make you stressed, and add others not in the list.

What Stresses You Out?

  • moving
  • getting a new job
  • losing your job
  • breaking up with a boy/girlfriend
  • starting school
  • finishing school
  • starting something new
  • pain from the past
  • getting an injury
  • quitting a drug (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, etc…)
  • dealing with your CAS Worker
  • getting arrested
  • getting out of jail
  • fear of responsibility
  • conflict with family
  • conflict with friends

Some ways of dealing with stress don't work out well. If you get "wasted" you might feel better for a while….but when you get sober, you still have to deal with what's causing your stress.
Getting drunk or high won't make the cause of your stress go away. And you might have new problems to deal with because of what you did while you were "wasted".

Dealing with Stress

You can make choices about how to deal with stress. Here are some ways of coping. Check the ones that you use or you would like to try: