You need the I.D. to do everything

You need it for things like getting a job or opening a bank account. Here's some info on how to get the I.D. you will need such as:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Card (S.I.N.)
  • Health Card
  • Status Card
  • Passport
  • Student Card
  • Driver's License

Please note - all fees for identification are as of 2012. So please check the proper website to know the exact amount you need as fees change.

Birth Certificate

If you are still in care, you should have a birth certificate in your file at the Children's Aid Society or you may have it with you. If it is being held in your file, you can get it when you need it or your worker can make you a copy of it, and you should get it when you leave care. Your birth certificate is the hardest piece of ID to replace, keep it in a safe place!!

You can call 1-800-461-2156 to find out how to get a copy of your birth certificate. You can also go online to to apply. The local number (Toronto) to call is 416-325-8305. The fee for a copy of a birth certificate is $35. If you were born outside of Ontario the fee may be different.

To get your birth certificate, you will need some info on yourself and your parents

If you were born in Ontario you will need:

  • Your full name, date and place of birth.
  • The full names of both your parents. This includes your mother's maiden name –the last name she was born with.
  • The place of birth of both parents. Their age, address, and marital status at the time of your birth. You will also need their dates of birth.
  • If you are 9 years or older you will need a Guarantor's information as well. A Guarantor is a professional person who can confirm that all your information on the application is correct.

Your Guarantor must fill in their first and last name, occupation, work address and phone number. You also need to know them for at least 2 years. Guarantors can be Doctors, Lawyers, Principals, Police or Social Workers to name a few.

If you are missing information, proceed with the application, it will just take longer.

Your Guarantor must fill in their first and last name, occupation, work address and phone number. You also need to know them for at least 2 years. Guarantors can be Doctors, Lawyers, Principals, Police or Social Workers to name a few.
If you are missing information, proceed with the application, it will just take longer.

Social Insurance Number

A social insurance number (SIN) is an important piece of I.D. You need a SIN to get a job and get tax refunds.

All your I.D. should have the same name and spelling. If they are different you need to officially change it. If you are a Status Indian and you want that to appear on your SIN card, you will also need your Indian Status Card.

You can apply for a SIN at any Service Canada Centre. Call 1-800-277-9914 for a location near you.

The application form and more information can be found on You will be given your SIN number right away. It will take approximately 4 weeks to get your card and the fee for a replacement card is $10. If it is your first card then it is free.

To get a Social Insurance Number you need

  • A Canadian Birth Certificate
  • A Canadian passport
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent resident card and/or record of landing
  • Work/study permit

Health Card

Are you a Canadian citizen? Do you permanently live in Ontario? If yes, then you are eligible for Ontario health coverage. This means you should have an Ontario health card. If you don't have it with you than it may be in your file at Children's Aid. If you lost your card or don't have one, than you can get one at any Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care office. For further questions and locations you can call 1-866-532-3161 or go online at

Your health card will have an expiry date on it; make sure to renew your card and picture before it expires. This can be done at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care office. Make sure to bring original I.D, not a copy. with you that prove you are an Ontario resident (ie: birth certificate or Canadian Citizenship). You also need something to prove your address, such as a bank statement or tax return.

Indian Status Card

In Canada, Status Indians get some benefits like not having to pay some taxes, free post-secondary education, and health benefits. To be eligible for Indian Status, one of your biological parents has to be a registered Indian. A Status card is an easy way to show that you are "status." If you are already a Status Indian, then you can apply for a Status card through Indian and Northern Affairs Canada by calling 1-800-567-9604.
If you are in care and don't know whether or not you are "status," you can ask your worker to help you find out. If you want to know how to apply for "Status" check out the Indian and Northern Affairs website at or call the 1-800 number above.

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

Are you a Canadian citizen who was born outside of Canada? If so, your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship Is your basic piece of I.D. in Canada. You should have a copy of it in your file or with you. Make sure you have it when you leave care. This allows you to be able to vote and receive health benefits.

Certificate of Landing

If you are a landed immigrant, your "Certificate of Landing"
is your basic I.D. in Canada. This allows you to get health benefits. This is usually a long colored form.

Call 1-888-242-2100 to find out how to get a new copy of your Certificate of Canadian Citizenship. The fee is $75. Press "0" to talk to someone in person.
Call the same number to get a new Certificate of Landing. The fee is $30. Ask for a "verification of admission."


A passport is a very important piece of identification. Not everyone has a passport. It is used most often when traveling. Some countries require you to show your passport before entering. When a passport is required to enter into another country, it will be stamped with the name of the country and date you arrived.

You may require a passport if you travel outside of Canada. If you are 16 years or older the passport will cost you $87. If you are under 16, the passport will cost $37. To locate a passport office in your area call 1-800-567-6868. Call the same number if you are traveling and want to know if you need a passport to travel to the country you are visiting. You can also go to for more information

If you are over 16, you now need a passport to travel to the USA

Student Card

If you are enrolled in High School, College or University you are eligible for a student card. A student card has your name and picture on it. It can be helpful when a photo I.D. is required. Ask at your school student centre for more information. A fee may be required.

BYID Card (Bring Your ID Card)

A BYID card is another piece of ID you can apply for. It's issued to people between the ages of 19 - 35 to prove age of majority. Since it has your picture on it and it's a government issued ID, you can use it for anything you need picture ID for such as opening a bank account. To get a BYID card you will need one of these:

  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian citizen card
  • Notarized affidavit showing name and date of birth
  • Valid passport

You can get an application for the BYID card at any LCBO or you can go online at The card will cost you $20 and the application will need to be signed by a guarantor.

For general inquiries about the BYID card call

in the Toronto area.

Driver's License

A driver's license is an important thing to have. Some places of employment require you have a driver's license to work there. Obtaining your driver's license is a Driver's License

To get your driver's license you must pass a G1 and G2 test. You should call the Children's Aid Foundation at 416-923-0924 to ask if they will help cover the costs of your license and driver's education classes.

You can study for your driver's license for free online. You can also take a free online driving test. Check out to find a driver examination centre near you.